The following groups and individuals are doing important work to bring balance into the world:

  • The Sacred Fire Community
    The Sacred Fire Community (SFC) is an international organization devoted to bringing more fire–the energy of the heart–into the world. The local community fires are offered under the auspices of the Sacred Fire Community. The SFC also has a comprehensive Lifeways program to provide ritual support for major life transitions such as birth, initiation, and death. Lawrence served as one of the Co-Executive Directors for the SFC from 2003 to 2013. 
  • The Blue Deer Center
    The Blue Deer Center is a retreat center affiliated with the Sacred Fire Community and located in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. The Center hosts elders and healers from authentic wisdom traditions who offer their teachings and healing gifts. It is also the home of Plant Spirit Medicine. The Blue Deer Center was founded by Tsaurirrikame (an elder shaman in the Huichol tradition) Eliot Cowan – who is a friend and mentor. 

  • The Sacred Fire Foundation
    The Sacred Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization that is also part of the Sacred Fire Community 'family.' The purpose of the Foundation is to restore balance by igniting relationship with the sacred world around us, our communities and ourselves. It does so through grants and also via their Ancient Wisdom Rising conferences as well as Sacred Fire magazine.

  • David Wiley
    David Wiley is a Tsaurirrikame (an elder shaman in the Huichol tradition) and Granicero (weather shaman and healer in the Nahuatl tradition) who is also a friend and mentor. David serves as Chairman of the Sacred Fire Foundation.

  • Healing Music Now
    Healing Music Now is website for streaming music that promotes harmony and balance.. It was created by my  close friend and fellow marakame, Scott Sheerin. Scott is a talented artist who creates music of great depth and beauty that is part of his healing work. Scott plays in and manages the Sacred Fire Community's Blue Paradox band.

  • The Mesa Life Project
    Seeing opportunities for transformation in the crises of the modern world, the members of the Mesa Life Project are developing an intentional community founded on returning to a deeply practical and spiritual relationship with the natural world. Mesa Life is is affiliated with the Sacred Fire Community and is located near Grand Junction, CO.

  • Teokari (Companion on the Path)
    This is a documentary film about the call of the Huichol healing tradition. It highlights Tsaurirrikame Don José Sandoval, as well as Lawrence and other marakames who are part of the Sacred Fire Community. Teokari is in post-production, but you can click on the name above for a preview.

  • The Environmental Center of Central Oregon
    The mission of the Center is to embed sustainability into everyday life in Central Oregon through education and advocacy.

  • Central Oregon Locavore
    Central Oregon Locavore is a non-profit organization that improves access to fresh, in-season, nutrient-dense, local food and educates the community about the benefits of sustainably produced food from local (Bend, OR) farmers and ranchers.

  • The Center for Compassionate Living
    This organization in Bend provides education and support for people who want to improve their compassionate communication skills, deepen their self-understanding, and enrich their relationships.

  • Cascadia Matters
    Calling itself a "journal of bioregional decolonization," Cascadia Matters promotes increasing autonomy for the northwestern U.S./southwestern Canada bio-region that is based upon a more localized, sustainable economy.