As initiated Firekeepers for the Sacred Fire Community, Lawrence and his wife Jessica offer community fires each month.

Lawrence  and his wife, Jessica De la O are initiated Firekeepers and host a community fire gathering in Bend, Oregon on the last Friday of each month. These fires are the core of the Sacred Fire Community’s offerings. Sitting around the fire, our ancestors shared the sacred stories that gave life meaning and helped them to maintain their deep connection to each other and the world around them. Even in this day and age, we can experience this same profound ‘heart space’ as we meet around a consecrated fire.

Individual healing can be a very beautiful experience. Eventually though, our well-being is tied to the health of our communities and our relationship to the broader world. Community fires are an excellent experience for bringing us into “right relationship” with the world around us.

Most community fires begin with a potluck meal before sunset. After the meal, we gather outside around the fire. Offerings are made to the fire in the tradition of the Huichol people of the western Sierras of Mexico. Once the fire is consecrated, we may share what is important in our lives or offer stories, poetry, music, and even humor! People from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Interested in attending community fires in Bend? Want to find out more? Contact Lawrence.

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