Lawrence Messerman helps groups build stronger unity and work with conflict. In addition, Lawrence offers his wisdom through teaching fires. Here, Lawrence facilitates a group in the UK.

In addition to community fires, Lawrence facilitates various forms of group learning and healing. These include...

  • Teaching Fires: An opportunity to sit around the fire and ask questions about healing, finding one’s path, living in community, and more.
  • Mediation: With fire and heart at the core, conflict becomes an opportunity for creativity and growth.
  • Visioning: In planning for the future, any group or organization can benefit from rooting itself in the deep wisdom of heart.





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At a recent teaching fire, Larry sat with the members of our circle and in a very short time got to the core of why we all wanted to be around the fire. No one needed to ask questions, as he had answered them for us in his beautiful stories and observations from his heart. Looking out at the people, faces illuminated by the flames, I could feel a very gentle and even energy flowing from the fire to us all and back to Grandfather Fire.
— Don McVay, Santa Cruz, CA
Larry is such a skillful mediator. He helped resolve a heated issue between two people in my community, and I was privileged to be a part of the beautiful resolution that took place. There was healing for all of us who witnessed and took part in supporting this. It was moving to watch how gently and artfully Larry guided us all to express our feelings and find a natural, heartfelt resolution.
— Maxima Kahn, Grass Valley, CA